Moalboal Cebu


Moalboal Cebu

One of Cebu’s treasured jewels is Moalboal—made famous by its magnificent white sand beaches, diving spots, and other adventures. A peninsula—almost entirely engulfed with water—Moalboal is an ideal outdoor destination since it is endowed by the gifts of nature. The beaches are world class and diving spots are certainly one of the best in Asia, if not, the world. The people of Moalboal get their means of livelihood from fishing and farming since the place is also gifted with mountain sites. So whether one loves the beach or looks for adventure in the high mountains, Moalboal is the place. Moreover, the place has been a tourism industry since the 1970s and over the years the place has continued to attract both local and foreign tourists.

Meanwhile, diving is considered as one of the main activities in Moalboal and ever since this sport has become popular, many diving enthusiasts flank Moalboal from time to time. A number of people love the diving spots in Moalboal and its rich marine sanctuaries. To cater the needs of the tourists, a number of diving resorts are now fully operational. Also some of the native Cebuano delicacies are proudly offered in the restaurants or stores in Moalboal. Meanwhile, to make the tourists’ stay in the place convenient and comfortable, a number of services are conceptualized. These services aim to cater the needs of the tourists and some of these services include boat and diving equipment rentals, tours, etc.

History reveals that Moalboal originated from the word bukal-bukal. One story tells that Moalboal has a spring where many of the locals get their water. One day, a foreigner happened to ask a woman with a cleft lip what is the name of the place. Thinking that the foreigner was asking her about the spring, she answered back that it was a bukal-bukal. But her speech condition made it sound like Moalboal. As interesting as its legend, the place offers interesting adventures that one surely wouldn’t want to miss. The place is rich in marine life and unexploited sea sceneries. So experience Moalboal and feel paradise within your reach!

We would like this to be your starting point to explore Moalboal which is known to be the best diving in Cebu and arguably some of the best, most affordable diving in SE Asia.

Moalboal is a 4th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. It’s a sleepy town about 82 km south of Cebu. Moalboal is nestled between the towns of Alcantara and Badian. Moalboal has developed a tourism industry based on diving and beaches.

Moalboal has nice beaches where you can swim dive Moalboal has nice beaches where you can swim dive.

Moalboal Relax

The Panagsama Beach and Basdako Beach (meaning Big Sand), is located in the barangay of Saavedra. Interestingly enough, Basdiot where Panagsama Beach is located means Little Sand.

Moalboal is renowned for its outstanding coral reefs and its whale shark sightings. In Panagsama, cottages and resorts dot the shoreline, mostly catering to tourists who come to the town to scuba dive and engage in watersports.

Basdako Beach, which used to be a quieter beach that locals frequent. Basdako now has several of resorts and several cottages where tourists can stay.

Moalboal is a small quiet town which is about 4 hours away from cebu airport. Tourists wanting to stay in Moalboal can easily take a taxi from Cebu International airport. Other ways to get to Moalboal would be to take a bus at the south bus terminal or a v-hire at Cebu Citylink.

Moalboal is known for diving yet accomodation and food is affordable. There are plenty of accommodation on the beach. The tri-cycle drivers normally drop you off at the main square.

Moalboal’s exciting dive sites made it an extraordinary diving destination in the Visayas. Some of the best diving in the world can be had in Moalboal. It is Cebu island’s most popular diving spot.

Entertainment is laid back and not for clubbers. There are popular bars where you can have a beer for less than 50 Cent US there.

Moalboal is foremost known as a place of great diving. Other than diving there’s White Beach for a tan. It is also host to numerous exciting sporting and adventure activities.

For a sandy beach, head to White Sands Beach, which is about 20 minutes from the Moalboal town centre. The tourist and diving area is at Panagsama Beach, which is a 10-minute ride from the Moalboal town centre.

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